Cosplay Mystery Date

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The fandoms have spoken and CMD is still going strong! Whether it be canon or crack, star-crossed destinies or crossed universes, the Cosplay Mystery Date event is where an individual can ask three possible ‘meant-to-be’s a series of questions without knowing who they are. Would Yuna choose Tidus or will Sonic give the answers that strike closer to her heart?

Pre-register as a bachelor or bachelorette in the form below.

For those not registering, or have missed out on the chance to, the event still needs cosplaying volunteers from the audience to be the three possible bachelors or bachelorettes to vie for the contestant’s heart!

CMD starts at 4:30pm, Main Theater.



Terms & Conditions:

  • As a PG event, questions must be no higher than a PG rating.
  • Cosplay Mystery Date is a fun, dress up event. No dates will eventuate from this event.
  • Entrants under the age of 15 years must have parental permission to enter this event.


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