Halloween Cosplay picnic and Pokemon event

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On the 29th of October, TasPop will be celebrating Halloween early with a big day of Pokemon and Cosplay. Come along to Nutgrove Beach in Sandy Bay to participate in our events:

Cosplay picnic
Relax and socialise with other people as you enjoy food from the BBQ or picnic. Cosplay is not required, but we encourage it to bring more life and colour to the event. You can also participate in a few games like watermelon smashing and sandcastle building if you are uninterested in the Pokemon events.

TasPop Gym leader challenge
Once again we are holding the gym leader challenge for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on the Nintendo 3DS. Find and challenge our 8 gym leaders and collect badges for your chance to win prizes. Entry Fee: $5 ($2.50 for TasPop members).

The rules and registration form can be found here: https://www.aicon.org.au/taspops-halloween-pokemon-challenge/

Pokemon Go scavenger hunt
If you aren’t into the competitive side of Pokemon, or are looking for something to do while you find gym leaders, the Pokemon Go scavenger hunt is for you. Win prizes by finding Pokemon on the list, such as the fattest Pidgey, highest CP Magikarp or a screenshot of a Pokemon in a funny situation.
Pick up a copy of the list from our info desk on the day of the event.