About AICon

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University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay Campus


Who is credited for the current Website Banner?
Art is by Kiyono France and Design by Sarah Schmidt


About the festival as a whole:

What is AICon?
AICon is Tasmania’s longest running pop culture festival, with a focus on the Japanese anime industry. The event is usually held over a weekend in March in Hobart each year and is run by a Not-For-Profit University Society called TasPop (the Tasmanian Popular Culture Society).


What can I see at AICon?
The festival features a variety of cultural demonstrations, competitions, theatre sports, costuming, fashion, video game tournaments, panels, a good range of traders, an auction, anime screenings, and more! AICon is also a great place to meet new people with similar interests and is known as a family-friendly and approachable festival. You can see our list of events and competitions as they are being updated here.


Why was AICon created?
Having attended festivals around Australia, TasPop saw a need and an interest for an event in Tasmania where a growing group of emerging artists, costumers, video editors, writers and actors could exhibit their talents.


Is it family friendly?
Absolutely! AICon is a PG-rated event with categories in several competitions just for individuals under the age of 15, as well as providing quieter areas where you you can sit down and relax. The is a colourin-in competition that both grown-ups and their ‘Mini Me’ can enter into in their own categories! The Cosplay Parade is a quick twirl on stage without that hassle of signups, as well as the Under 15 category of the Cosplay Competition!


Specifics about AICon:

Where can I buy a ticket?
Tickets can be bought online from our store located here. You can also buy them on the door on the day.


Where is the timetable?
The timetable of events will be uploaded here once complete. However, please allow for last-minute changes and updates on the day.


Where are all the events and competitions listed?
They are all listed, alphabetically, here.


How do I enter a competition or event?
Check the event is accepting participants, and if it is only on the day entries or if they are accepting pre-registration. You can find this information by clicking here, finding the event you are after, and checking out their information by clicking the link that says ‘More details here.’ If the event does not have that link, it is either not accepting participants, or it has not yet opened up for submissions. Be sure to read the event blurb as they will generally inform you there how, and if, you can sign up.


How do I enter a lot into the Auction?
Be sure to read the rules and registration guidelines when you head to the Auction page, which can be found here.