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Geek Market attracts interstellar crowd

Local Launceston geeks were out in force on Saturday for the annual Geek Market. About 26 stallholders gathered to sell “assorted geek items” event organiser and Tas Pop president Ben Holton said. “There are lots of different little things, there are artist stalls where they’ve even done all their own art,” he said.

My first MAICON

An array of sights delighted my senses upon stepping into MAICON 2015 at the UTAS Newham Campus in Launceston last weekend. With the Mini Anime Island Convention teeming with attendees dressed in colourful costumes of their favorite characters for the event.

Maicon Convention at UTas | Photos

Maicon Convention at UTas. Photos Neil Richardson

Plenty of animation as fans celebrate

THE University of Tasmania’s Newnham campus was overrun with colourful costumes yesterday as fiction fans soaked up pop culture at this year’s MAICon event. The display was a celebration of all things to do with the internet, anime, computer games, movies, television and more.

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MAICon fun at UTAS Newnham Campus

Cosplayers get animated in the streets

INTRIGUED expressions and a few curious smiles were shared by foot traffic at Civic Square yesterday as a trio of Launceston cosplayers gathered to promote the upcoming MAICon event. The celebration of Japanese culture is in its fourth year and will again see University of Tasmania’s Launceston campus swamped by fictional characters and their fans.

Dressing up in name of anime

FOR the past two months, Sharyl Sward has worked tirelessly to get her Thranduil costume just right. Ms Sward, of Riverside, will attend MAIcon for the fourth year in a row next month and said that no matter how many times she went, she still got excited to attend the event.

Pirates inspire creative costumes

GALLERY HERE BURSTS of ocean colour and costume mastery everywhere were to be seen on Saturday at Launceston mini anime convention MAICon. The Under the Sea-themed event saw more than 500 anime and cosplay fans arrive at the university campus at Newnham ready for a costume-wearing day of fun.

There are no cons to attending a con!

From Comic Con to Supernova, Vidcon to Vidinc, E3 to EB expo. You’ve heard the words, but what exactly are conventions and why are they so popular? Contrary to popular belief, these types of conventions are not all just about comics.

Frock up, wig on, get your sword out; it’s AICon time

It’s not every weekend that you can spend your time with a storm trooper and a ninja turtle, but you might just have a chance this weekend at the Anime Island Convention. “I was in casual clothing and I was with a group of my friends and a group of high schoolers randomly yelled out ‘oh look!

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