Art Competition

Information & Categories


Do you love illustrating your own stories? Simply enjoy creating art? Well come and show off your artwork in the Art Competition! We have many different categories for artists of all ages with great prizes to be won! It doesn’t matter if you paint, draw, sculpt, work on computer or by hand, everything and anything goes! Just remember to bring your work along and display it in our art room! Entries must be in before 2pm on Sunday. Make sure you stick around for the closing ceremony to see if you’ve won!


What can I enter?

Anything that relates to anime and/or Japanese culture: fanart, anthro, original character designs, science fiction, fantasy, mecha, penguins, feudal, magic… the list is practically endless. However, only images with a G or PG rating can be displayed in the art room.  Higher rated images will still be judged, but are to be submitted to the Info Desk/Cloak Room. If concerned about your image’s rating please discuss with the art room’s volunteer. We also accept a wide range of media including: drawing, paintings, sculpture, animation, computer graphics, or any other visual art form. However all digital work must be printed and forms of writing are not accepted. If you enjoy writing, why not join our fanfiction competition?


Major Categories:

• Best Traditional
This category includes all artwork created using traditional means. Be it a painting, pencils, or a meticulous piece done by copic markers. This does not include sculpture, jewellery, or the like as they will fall under the 3-Dimensional / Best Prop category.

• Best Digital
This category includes all artwork created though digital means be it with a mouse or tablet on such platforms as 3D Modelling, Photoshop, and more. Please note the final artwork will need to be printed in some format and hung up in the Art Room. Printing facilities are not provided on site.

• 3-Dimensional / Best Prop
This includes hand-made plushies, sculpture, paper bas reliefs, modified my little ponies, dioramas etc. Be creative, we want to see what you can come up with. Do note to submit your 3D item/Prop to the Cloak Room so they are not damaged in the Art Room. When submitting homemade props, please mark down the name of the prop (if available) and from which fandom it is from.

• Photographic Image
The photographic image category allows for unaltered and altered images to be entered into the Art Competition. Images must be either cosplay, fashion, or otherwise popular culture related. Please state on the entry form what equipment you have used and, if applicable, what edits were made.

• New Blood
If you’re under the age of 15 and are dreaming of becoming an artist one day, then enter this category! We’re looking for those up and coming artistic stars! So if you fit this age classification, go for it!


Minor Categories:

• Under 12’s Colouring In
Enjoy colouring in and want to show off your skills? Enter the under 12’s colouring in category! Colouring in sheets are available in the art room.

• Over 12’s Colouring In
Like colouring in? Haven’t been aged twelve since Lost was on TV? Well do we have a Colouring In Category for you! Colouring in sheets are available in the art room.

• Best Themed
This category helps artists celebrate the festival’s theme: Supernatural! Entries in this category may include our mascots, but it is not a requirement. Show us your favourite characters in paranormal forms!

• Best Weekend
For all artworks that are created during the festival. The art room provides a range of art materials and paper for you to create your own work! You can even bring your own stationary. Due to your unbelievable quickness, you get your own category!



Terms and Conditions:

  1. An entry, as defined by TasPop, is a form of artwork being entered in the art competition.
  2. An entrant, as defined by TasPop, is the artist who created the entry.
  3. An entry must be accompanied by a completed Art Competition entry form to be qualified for the Art Competition. Forms will be available at the Art Room and must be fully completed.
  4. Artwork cannot be pre-entered or entered online. All artwork needs to be submitted to the Art Room during the festival, before 2pm Sunday for AICon and 2pm Saturday for MAICon.
  5. Entries must fit the description of the category they are entered in.
  6. An entry must be the entrant’s own work. A person representing the entrant may enter the work in the contest, but the entry must be entered under the entrant’s name. Entries that are not the entrant’s own work will be disqualified, and entrants found to do this will be banned from entering future competitions.
  7. By entering the art contest, all entrants give TasPop permission to display, photograph and scan their art entries for promotional purposes. However the entrant will always be mentioned as the artist.
  8. Each entry can be included in any category as long as it fulfills the requirements of the categories.
  9. An entrant may enter more than one entry.
  10. An entrant can only win one category.
  11. An entry, which has a rating of M or higher, cannot be displayed in the art room, but is still eligible for the competition. Please hand such entries to the art room volunteer or info desk.
  12. Digital entries must be printed and displayed in the art room. (TasPop does not supply printing facilities at the festivals. Printing must be done by the entrant).
  13. To ensure there is space for everyone’s artwork, no 2D entry is to be bigger than an A3 page and 3D entries no larger than 50cmx50cmx50cm, excluding homemade props based on an existing fandom.
  14. The judges’ decisions are final.
  15. Winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.
  16. TasPop holds the right to not give a prize to a category if the number of items submitted to it is not sufficient to judge on.
  17. Collecting artwork is the responsibility of the entrant. If you are unable to attend the closing ceremony, it is up to the artist to make alternate arrangements for artwork/prize collection. Artwork and prizes will NOT be mailed.