Auction Saturday Catalogue

Lot 1

Cosplay – Pokémon: Jigglypuff

Starting Price: $20

Description:  A Jigglypuff  Pokémon cosplay that won the 2010 AICon Cosplay Competition.


Lot 2

Manga – Naruto Collection: Volumes 1-68

Starting Price:  $300

Description: A set of Naruto Manga, containing volumes 1 through to 68.


Lot 3

Model – Saint’s Row IV: Special DubStep Gun

Starting Price: $50

Description: Model of the Dub Step Gun weapon in Saint’s Row IV, a great collectors item and piece of gaming memorabilia.


Lot 4

Video Game – Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Starter Set

Starting Price: $30

Description: A copy of the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure: Game with Starting Figurines and Scanner. New in Box and in Mint Condition


Lot 5

DVDs – Elemental Gelade Collection: Volumes 1-6

Starting Price: $50

Description: A complete set of DVDs for the series Elemental Gelade. Contains Volumes 1 – 6, all in Pacific Region Coding (ie. Region 4).


Lot 6

Plush – Toothless Build-a-Bear

Starting Price: $7

Description: A How to Train Your Dragon themed Build-a-Bear plush of the dragon Toothless. Has detachable wings which are slightly bent. Firm stuffed but still huggable. In an all around good condition. Sits approx. 30cm high.


Lot 7

Plush – Five Night at Freddy’s Cupcake

Starting Price: $2

Description: Plush of Chica’s Cupcake from Five Nights at Freddy’s. In good condition, sits at approx. 20cm.


Lot 8

Cosplay – Rosario+Vampire: Moka Akashiya (Miccostumes)

Starting Price: $60

Description: Cosplay of Moka Akashiya from Rosario+Vampire. Made by the branded costume company Miccostumes, and has ben worn previously. The set includes a Greenish/Blue Blazer (Size Large) and a yellowish brown skirt (Size Large) that is apart of the Yokai Academy school uniform. White Shirt and Choker Rosary not included.


Lot 9

Cosplay – Japanese School Shoes

Starting Price: $30

Description: A set of Japanese School Shoes, used for cosplay. Good quality, they are a size 38 (7-8 Australian), black, and have a heel. Have been worn twice and are in good condition.


Lot 10

Key Ring Set – Attack on Titan

Starting Price: $20

Description: Set of Attack on Titan themed key ring objects. Includes Key Chain, Big Key, Little Key, 4 x charms, Mobility gear blade

Lot 11

Cosplay – Naruto: Sakura (XL)

Starting Price: $10

Description: Cosplay of Sakura Haruno from Naruto. Size is XL. Comes without Boots And Wig. Practically brand new, worn once.


Lot 12

Manga – Vampire Knight: Volumes 1-4 & Art Book

Starting Price: $25

Description: Set of Vampire Knight manga, containing volumes 1-4 and an art book.


Lot 13

Manga – Various Volumes (9 items)

Starting Price: $15

Description: Set of a variety of manga including Paradise Kiss volumes 2-5, Guru guru pon-chan volumes 1&2, Haruhi suzumiya volume 1 and visual archive, and 2 manga in Japanese.


Lot 14

DVDs – Bleach: Season 1 & Wallflower: Collection

Starting Price: $20

Description: Contains a copy of Bleach Season 1 collection & the Wallflower series collection.


Lot 15

Comics – Adventure Time (4 items) & Encyclopaedia

Starting Price: $25

Description: 4 Adventure time comics and an encyclopaedia.


Lot 16

Pokemon: Coaster & Phone Hanger

Starting Price: $10

Description: Pokemon Center drink coaster and phone hanger.


Lot 17

DVDs – .Hack//Sign: Complete Collection

Starting Price: $6

Description: DVD set of the complete 26 episode series of .Hack//Sign. NTSC, all regions, contains ‘english’ subtitles.


Lot 18

Figure – One Piece: Vivi

Starting Price: $10

Description: Figure of Nefertiti Vivi from the series One Piece. Does not come with box.


Lot 19

Manga – Whistle: Volumes 1-7

Starting Price: $22

Description: Set of soccer themed manga series Whistle. Contains volumes 1-7.


Lot 20

Keychain – Hatsune Miku (Pop! Vinyl)

Starting Price: $10

Description: Cute Pop Vinyl keychain of Hatsune Miku. Great condition, never removed from box.


Lot 21

Cosplay – Sword Art Online: Asuna

Starting Price: $50

Description: Plus size cosplay of Asuna from Sword Art Online. Would fit a 18 to size 24 person, though could be altered to fit smaller. Comes with everything bar boots.

Lot 22

Lolita – Pegasus Print Dress

Starting Price: $50

Description: Lolita style dress. Size 14, comes with matching bow.


Lot 23

Art Book – Vampire Knight

Starting Price: $15

Description: Art book containing art from the Vampire Knight series.


Lot 24

Cosplay – Inuyasha: Kagome

Starting Price: $40

Description: Plus size cosplay of Kagome from Inuyasha. Fits sizes 18 to 20 and comes with everything bar the toggle to the red scarf


Lot 25

Figures – Inuyasha: Inuyasha & Inuyasha (2 Items)

Starting Price: $10

Description: Two Inuyasha figures from the anime series Inuyasha. One Inuyasha is standing, whilst the other Inuyasha is crouching. These Inuyasha’s may be bootlegs. However these Inuyasha’s are in good condition. Inuyasha.


Lot 26

Novels – Loveless: Volumes 1-6

Starting Price: $10

Description: Set of Loveless novels, containing volumes 1-6. In a good condition, basically new.


Lot 27

My Little Pony: Collectible Cards & Plush

Starting Price: $20

Description: 2 Packs of My Little Pony cards unopened and brand new. One box is slightly ripped on bottom corner.

Also includes plushie with tags, and a small stain on front right leg.


Lot 28

Vanguard Card Pack x2

Starting Price: $5

Description: Set includes all cards, along with manuals in good condition. Boxes are in rough shape.


Lot 29

Re:Zero: Rotating Picture Frame

Starting Price: $5

Description: A rotating picture frame from the series RE:Zero. Brand new and unopened.


Lot 30

DVDs – Naruto: Movie Collection

Starting Price: $5

Description: Naruto movies collection. In good condition and watched once.


Lot 31

T-Shirt – New Game!! (Licensed)

Starting Price: $20

Description: Officially licensed New Game!! anime t-shirt, with a colourful design featuring Aoba, Yun, Hajime, and Hifumi. Brand new and still in plastic it arrived in, never opened. Men’s size L.


Lot 32

Keychain – Haikyuu!! Mascot

Starting Price: $10

Description: A tiny mascot from the series Haikyuu!! that can be used as a decoration or keychain, the size is approximately 4cm. Official product by Colour-Cole. Still unopened and in new condition.


Lot 33

Rubber Strap Set – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Starting Price: $35

Description: A complete Rubber Strap set from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, all in a new condition. From Japan’s AGF.


Lot 34

Rubber Strap Set – Cardcaptor Sakura (Anime Café)

Starting Price: $30

Description: A complete Rubber Strap set from Cardcaptor Sakura. All are in a new condition. They are limited edition and a product of a collaboration with Animate Cafe in Japan.


Lot 35

Rubber Strap Set – Cardcaptor Sakura (Ichiban Kuji)

Starting Price: $70

Description: A complete set of straps from Cardcaptor Sakura Ichiban Kuji. All are in new condition.


Lot 36

Prop – Psycho Pass: Dominator

Starting Price: $25

Description: Prop of the Dominator Gun from the anime Psycho Pass anime. Has no moving parts, but is perfect for any cosplayer.


Lot 37

Doll – Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximillion Pegasus

Starting Price: $30

Description: A hand made doll of the character Maximillion Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh. Very high quality and great for any fan.


Lot 38

Posters – Seven Deadly Sins (3 Items)

Starting Price: $12

Description: Set of posters of the characters from the anime series Seven Deadly Sins, including Ban, King and Diane.


Lot 39

Art Book – Fate/Stay Night: Anime Spiritual (Japanese)

Starting Price: $20

Description: Fate/Stay Night art book. In a near perfect condition with wraparound cover. Text in Japanese.


Lot 40

Action Figure – ZOIDS: Murasame Liger (1/100th Scale)

Starting Price: $30

Description: 1/100 scale full action figure of the Murasame Liger from ZOIDS. Still in box – never opened.


Lot 41

Figure – Final Fantasy: Squall Leonhart (Trading Arts Mini)

Starting Price: $30

Description: Figure of Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy. Never opened – perfect condition.


Lot 42

Figures – Skylander Collection (12 Items)

Starting Price: $50

Description: Set of figurines for the video game Skylanders. Figurines only (no cards or boxes), mostly bought 2nd hand. Includes Blast Zone, Blizzard Chill, Bash, Fire Kraken, Lightcore Grim Creeper, Starstrike, Hex, High Five (unopened), Hot Dog, Terrafin, Zap, Smolderdash. Come as is. Less than $5 a figure.


Lot 43

Copic Air-Brushing Starter Set ABS-2

Starting Price: $25

Description: Starter set for Copic Air-Brushing. Unopened, thus also untested. Stored for several years and comes as is. Works with Copic or Copic Sketch markers. Simply change markers to change colours.


Lot 44

Figure – Attack on Titan: Levi (Good Smile Company)

Starting Price: $15

Description: Figure of Attack on Titan’s Levi from Good Smile Company. Shows him as he leaps over a titan’s head. The figure is approx. 20cm tall and contains all original packaging. It has sustained some minor damage to the 3DMG.


Lot 45

Figures – Lord of the Rings (Pop! Vinyl)

Starting Price: $5

Description: A collection of pop vinyls from LotR. Figures include: Gandalf, the Balrog, Samwise Gamgee, Saruman, and a Nazgul. Also includes 2 pop vinyl keychains: one of Frodo Baggins, and the other of Gandalf. The pop vinyls have the original boxes while the keychains do not.


Lot 46

Figure – Lord of the Rings: Legolas (Weta Workshop)

Starting Price: $30

Description: One of 1500 Weta Workshop Legolas figures. Has a small break by one of his sword holsters. This figure comes with all original packaging.


Lot 47

Lord of the Rings: Chess Set

Starting Price: $20

Description: This Lord of the Rings chess set comes from highly revered chess piece maker Studio Anne Carlton. All pieces are in mint condition, although there is some slight damage to the box.


Lot 48

Cosplay – D. Gray Man: Ravi (Cospatio)

Starting Price: $80

Description: Cosplay of Ravi from D Gray Man from Cospatio. This cosplay is sized Medium and comes brand new with all of its tags. Includes Jacket with metal badge, pants with holster and bandana.


Lot 49

Cosplay – Disgaea: Samurai

Starting Price: $25

Description: Homemade cosplay of Samurai from Disgaea. Small sized cosplay comes with shine maiden top, skirt, leggings, bows, bandages and tabi.


Lot 50


Starting Price: $10

Description: Official Pokemon Pokedex from 1998. Still in perfect working order.


Lot 51

Art Book – Attack on Titan

Starting Price: $30

Description: Attack on Titan art book from Japan. Great quality and in brand new condition.


Lot 52

Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Shield Backpack

Starting Price: $30

Description: Official Hyrule Shield backpack from the Legend of Zelda. Brand new and from Japan.


Lot 53

Cosplay – Blue Exorcist: Mephisto Pheles

Starting Price: $30

Description: Cosplay of Mephisto from Blue Exorcist. Lot includes, cape, shirt, jacket, leggings, puffy shorts, hat & pink bib thing. In good condition, aside from the cape which has a tear in the fabric and small stains. Was made to fit a male sizing. Bust: 91-100cm; Waist 72cm; Hips: 105cm.


Lot 54

Gothic Corsets x2

Starting Price: $20

Description: Set of two corsets. One blue and black floral corset, size XL, and one black corset size 2XL. Both corsets have been in storage for a few years and may need some repair and cleaning up.


Lot 55

Cosplay – Axis Powers Hetalia: Switzerland (Cosmonde)

Starting Price: $20

Description: Cosplay of Switzerland from Axis Powers Hetalia. Made by Cosmonde. Approximately a size Small, includes jacket, pants, gloves and hat.


Lot 56

Alex Day Merchandise

Starting Price: $40

Description: Official merch from Alex Day, all discontinued. Half Hearted T-Shirt size small, set of CDs (Parrot Stories, Epigrams and Interludes, The World is Mine, Soup Sessions & 117% Complete), all working as of last play, and a Nermi-Army rubber bracelet.


Lot 57

Pokemon: Pikachu Handbag (Pokemon Center Japan)

Starting Price: $25

Description: Large handbag from the Pokemon Center in Japan. Coloured white, with red leather-like finish. The plush features a small seal of Pikachu on the front of the bag for an understated finish.


Lot 58

Plush – Espeon Hoodie Eevee (Pokemon Center Japan)

Starting Price: $20

Description: This Pokemon Center plush from Japan comes with tags and is in perfect condition. Features Eevee dressed as its eeveelution, Espeon. A limited edition collectable item.


Lot 59

Plush – ‘Mario Pikachu’ (Pokemon Center Japan)

Starting Price: $15

Description: This Pokemon Center original plush features Pikachu dressed up as Nintendo’s Mario, with moustache and all. Limited edition plush.


Lot 60

Plush – Mega Tokyo Pikachu (Pokemon Center Japan)

Starting Price: $65

Description: This Plush was released to commemorate the opening of the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo. Was one of the very first ‘hoodie Pikachu’ ever released and sold out Japan-wide instantly. It has not been in circulation for the last few years and is now difficult to come by. This plush comes with tags intact and is a collectable item, certain to increase in value.


Lot 61

Pokemon: Pokeball Underwear (Size L Adult)

Starting Price: $10

Description: Pokemon Center Original boxer briefs. Brand new, never opened or used! L mens size, fits most.


Lot 62

Wall Scroll – Sword Art Online

Starting Price: $20

Description: A wall scroll from Sword Art Online depicting Asuna and Kirito.


Lot 63

Manga – Bleach! Volume 1 (Japanese)

Starting Price: $10

Description: First issue of Bleach in Japanese. Comes with dust cover.


Lot 64

Figure – Pokemon: Mewtwo (Extra Large & Boxed)

Starting Price: $80

Description: Extra large Mewtwo figure still inside its original packaging. Comes complete with Mewtwo’s shadowball attack. Production ceased some years ago, making this item extremely rare and difficult to find.


Lot 65

Pokemon: Pop Backpack – Large (Pokemon Center Japan)

Starting Price: $50

Description: This Pokemon Center original Large size backpack. Limited edition, and already out of production.


Lot 66

Figure – Pokemon: Red (Nendoroid x Pokemon Center)

Starting Price: $120

Description: Nendoroid figure of Pokemon Trainer Red. Was available from the Pokemon Center by preorder only and limited to only one piece per person. It was created in collaboration with The Good Smile Company but is still an official Pokemon Center item. Still in its original box and never opened. This figure is a real collector’s item.


Lot 67

Badge Set – Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 (Pokemon Center)

Starting Price: $80

Description: Official set of Pokémon badges from Black 2 and White 2. Only 4000 were ever produced and very very few still remain in circulation. Has never been opened and comes with a plaque numbered #0988 (of 4000).


Lot 68

Figure – Pokemon: Keldeo (Pokemon Center Japan)

Starting Price: $15

Description: This large Pokemon Center Original Keldeo figure from 2012. Is now out of circulation and comes in its original box.


Lot 69

Figure – Legends of Tomorrow: Hawkgirl (Pop! Vinyl)

Starting Price: $10

Description: Hawkgirl Pop! Vinyl 2016 New York Comic Con Limited Edition. From the television show Legends of Tomorrow. Is in almost new condition.


Lot 70

Figures – Captain America: Civil War (x4 Pop! Vinyls)

Starting Price: $20

Description: 4 x Captain America Civil War Pop! Vinyls. Set contains Scarlet Witch in good condition with some box damage, Winter Soldier in good condition, Black Widow in good condition, and Agent 13 in good condition.


Lot 71

Figure – X Men: Emma Frost (Pop! Vinyl)

Starting Price: $10

Description: Emma Frost Pop! Vinyl from X-Men. From the Funko Specialty Series. Is in great condition.


Lot 72

Poster – Harley Quinn (Framed)

Starting Price: $10

Description: Harley Quinn framed poster. Contains what appears to be a comic scene printed in the background, with Harley Quinn poised in the foreground. Is in great condition.


Lot 73

Book – Wolverine (Hard Cover)

Starting Price: $5

Description: A hardback book on Wolverine. Has a tear on cover, but is otherwise in good condition.

Lot 74

Little Book of ZX Spectrum Games

Starting Price: $3

Description: A hardcover booklet about ZX Spectrum games from a Kickstarter campaign. Signed by author.


Lot 75

Poster – Princess Mononoke

Starting Price: $2

Description: A framed poster from the film Princess Mononoke.


Lot 76

Figure – Final Fantasy VII: Aerith Gainsborough (Resin)

Starting Price: $10

Description: A resin figurine of Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy 7.


Lot 77

DVDs – Madoka Magica: Seasons 1-3

Starting Price: $10

Description: Set of Madoka Magica DVDs containing volumes 1-3. Brand new and sealed, never watched and in mint condition.


Lot 78

Assorted Manga

Starting Price: $3

Description: A set of assorted manga. Buy this to increase your level of awesomeness by 39%!


Lot 79

DVDs – Rurouni Kenshin: Seasons 1-9

Starting Price: $5

Description: Set of Rurouni Kenshin DVD’s. Some slight damage on the cases of volumes 1 to 3, otherwise DVDs are in perfect condition.


Lot 80

Figure – Sword Art Online: Asuna (FREEing 1/8th Scale)

Starting Price: $5

Description: 1/8th scale figure of Asuna from Sword Art Online. Figure is like new, and all parts and original packaging are included.


Lot 81

Figure – ReZero: Emilia (Kotobukiya 1/8th Scale)

Starting Price: $5

Description: 1/8th scale figure of Emilia from Re:Zero. Figure is like new, with all parts and original packaging are included.


Lot 82

Figure – Code Geass: C.C. (Banpresto 1/8th Scale)

Starting Price: $2

Description: 1/8th scale figure of C.C. from Code Geass. Does not come with the original box, however all parts are present.


Lot 83

Key Chain – Love Live! Sunshine!! Kanan Matsura (Reflection)

Starting Price: $2

Description: Keychain of Kanan Matsura from Love Live! Sunshine!! Is a brand new, unused item.


Lot 84

Keychains – Naruto

Starting Price: $10

Description: Set of assorted Naruto character keychains. Does not include Team 7. All are in good condition

Lot 85

Plush – Naruto: Sasuke Uchiha (Large)

Starting Price: $10

Description: Large plush of Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden. Is in good condition


Lot 86

Death Note: Wallet

Starting Price: $2

Description: A Death Note themed wallet. One side features L, whilst the other features text from the Death Note. Has slots for cards and notes but no cash or coin slots. In great condition and has never been used.