Auction Saturday Catalogue

MAICon Saturday Auction Catalogue 2017

Lot 1

Shirts – Teefury: Disney (2 Items – Size M)

Starting Price: $5



Lot 2

Shirts – Teefury: Thor (Size M)

Starting Price: $5



Lot 3

Leggings – Batman (2 Items – Size XL)

Starting Price: $5



Lot 4

Leggings – Assorted (2 Items – Size L-XL)

Starting Price: $5



Lot 5

Graphic Novels – Ultimate X-Men (2 Items)

Starting Price: $10



Lot 6

Shirts – DC (2 Items – Size 2XL)

Starting Price:    $10

Description:    1x DC Batman T-shirt (Size 2XL) and 1x DC Superman T-shirt (Size 2XL). Both shirts only worn once. Basically brand-new. Washed and ready to wear!


Lot 7

Shirts – Assorted (2 Items – Size XL-2XL)

Starting Price:    $10

Description:    1x DC Official Green Lantern T-shirt (Size XL) and 1x Official Big Bang Theory Bazinga T-shirt (Size 2XL). Both shirts only worn once. Basically brand-new. Washed and ready to wear!


Lot 8

Shirts – Adventure Time (2 Items – Size 2XL)

Starting Price:    $10

Description:    1x Official Adventure Time T-shirt (Size 2XL) and 1x Official Finn the Human – Adventure Time T-shirt (Size 2XL). Both shirts only worn once. Basically brand-new. Washed and ready to wear!


Lot 9

Shirts – Assorted (2 Items – Size 2XL)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:    1x Official Star Wars – Stormtrooper T-shirt (Size 2XL) and 1x Official Ghostbusters T-shirt (Size 2XL). Both shirts only worn once. Basically brand-new. Washed and ready to wear!


Lot 10

Book – The History of Fallout

Starting Price:    $10

Description:    The History of Fallout book is exactly what the title says. Shiny and in mint condition.


Lot 11

Figures – Assorted (4 Items)

Starting Price:    $5

Description:    4 figures including Attack on Titan, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z. All still boxed and in mint condition.


Lot 12

Figures – Assorted Pop Vinyls (4 Items)

Starting Price:    $5

Description:    Knuckles the Echidna, The Phantom of the Opera, Slimer, and Gentleman Claptrap.


Lot 13

Figures – Assorted Pop Vinyls 2.0 (4 Items)

Starting Price:    $5

Description:    Splinter, Foot Soldier, Raphael, and Michelangelo.


Lot 14

Amiibos – Assorted (5 Items)

Starting Price:    $5

Description:    Donkey Kong, Luigi, Dr Mario, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Girl.


Lot 15

Amiibos – Assorted 2.0 (4 Items)

Starting Price:    $5

Description:    Captain Falcon, Captain Olimar, Little Mac, and King DeDeDe.


Lot 16

Book – Manga Pro Superstar Workshop

Starting Price:    $5

Description:    Everything you need to know about making and selling comics and graphic novels in one book!


Lot 17

Plush – Mario & Friends Bundle (4 Items)

Starting Price:    $15

Description:    Cute plushies of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Koopa Troopa. Good condition, no tags.


Lot 18

Figure – Attack On Titan: Levi (Figma)

Starting Price:    $10

Description:    A tiny bit of wear on the box.


Lot 19

Figure – Haruhi Suzumiya

Starting Price:    $5

Description:    Great condition, has been sitting on a shelf.


Lot 20

DVDs – Blue Exorcist: Collection 1 & 2 (Sub)

Starting Price:    $5

Description:    Collection 1 and 2 subbed, region 4, good condition.


Lot 21

Pokemon Bundle

Starting Price:    $75

Description:    This bundle contains 2 officially licensed Pokemon plushies (Mew & Pikachu), Celebi mythical Pokemon card collection from the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, a Gameboy Colour with the Pokemon Silver game (with new save game battery), and a set of Kanto Region Gym Badges (possible BOOTLEG).


Lot 22

Figure – Love Live: Maki Nishikino (Nendoroid)

Starting Price:    $20

Description:    From the popular anime series Love Live! comes a Nendoroid of the cool, confident, and somewhat sarcastic μ’s member who composes the group’s songs – Maki Nishikino! All pieces are included, figure has been display only so she has no damage.


Lot 23

Hat – Hetalia: Beanie

Starting Price:    $4

Description:    Cute bear hat.


Lot 24

DVDs – Knights of the Zodiac: Volumes 1-3 (Dub)

Starting Price:    $8

Description:    English language version of Saint Seiya Volumes 1-3 (11 episodes). Region 4. English dub only.


Lot 25

Manga – Sergeant Frog: Omnibus 1

Starting Price:    $12

Description:    Alien frogs want to take over the Earth! The first 3 volumes of Sergent Frog in 1 book.


Lot 26

Manga – Shojo Manga Bundle (3 Items)

Starting Price:    $14

Description:    3 books, all volume 1. Jiu Jiu Volume 1, Dokebi Bride Volume 1, and The Honor Student at Magic High Volume 1.


Lot 27

Figure – Love Live: Honoka Kousaka (Petit Nendoroid)

Starting Price:    $15

Description:    Honoka Kousaka from Love Live! in her Angelic Angel outfit.


Lot 28

Wall Scroll – Inuyasha

Starting Price:    $12

Description:    Inu-yasha wall scroll in as new condition, ready to hang and enjoy, features Inu-yasha.


Lot 29

Wall Scroll – Vampire Knight

Starting Price:     $12

Description:    This wall scroll features the sexy Zero and Kaname, in as new condition, ready to hang.


Lot 30

DVDs – Vampire Knight: Complete Collection

Starting Price:    $25

Description:    This is a 6 DVD set, in as new condition, includes both the first series and the Guilty series.


Lot 31

DVDs – Voltron Force: Complete Collection

Starting Price:     $20

Description:     Voltron Force 4 disc set, watched once, in as new condition.


Lot 32

Plush – Rick and Morty: Mr. Meeseeks (2 Items)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Set of 2 Mr. Meeseeks plush from Rick and Morty. One with a sad expression, and the other with a happy expression. Brand new with tags and still in original plastic.


Lot 33

Cryptract Goods: Comiket Exclusive

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Official poster and sign board featuring characters from the JRPG ‘Genjuu Keiyaku Cryptract’. These are promotional goods for the game which were only given out during Comiket 91 (Winter Comiket 2016) in Tokyo.


Lot 34

Hoodie – Pikachu (Size M)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Official Pokémon hoodie, originally purchased from JayJays. Black with a Pikachu design. Has been worn and washed a few times, but is still in excellent condition. Ladies size Medium.


Lot 35

Legend of Zelda Bundle

Starting Price:     $15

Description:     Legend of Zelda bundle contains Ocarina of Time Collector’s Edition for Nintendo 64 (does not contain game manual), Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Limited Edition Gold Game Pack for Nintendo 64 (contains game manual, but does not contain Expansion Pack), and The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition for the Nintendo Game Cube with four classic games including Legend of Zelda, Zelda 2, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask (contains game manual). Nintendo 64 game boxes have wear, but games all in good condition.


Lot 36

Nintendo Games Bundle

Starting Price:     $15

Description:     Nintendo games bundle contains Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64 (has no game manual), Pokémon Stadium for the Nintendo 64 (has game manual, but does not include N64 Transfer Pack), and Pokémon Channel for the Nintendo Game Cube (contains manual & Pokemon e-cards). Nintendo 64 boxes have wear, but games are in good condition.


Lot 37

Figures – Mass Effect Andromeda: Pop Vinyl (5 Items)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Contains Mass Effect Andromeda POP figures including Sara Ryder (N7 version), Sara Ryder (Masked), Jaal, Peebee, and Peebee (with gun version). Never taken out of the boxes.


Lot 38

DVDs – Anime Bundle (6 Items)

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     Madoka Magica: The Movie – Part One & Part Two, Madoka Magica: The Movie – Rebellion, Princess Resurrection Collection, Noein: to Your Other Self – Complete Collection, and Corpse Princess – Complete Collection.


Lot 39

Figure – Jessica Jones (Qfig)

Starting Price:     $25

Description:     Jessica Jones Qfig, Limited Edition.


Lot 40

Jewellery – Black Butler: Ring & Necklace

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Ring and necklace from Black Butler.


Lot 41

Playing Cards – Attack on Titan

Starting Price:     $20

Description:     Attack on Titan playing cards, bought in Japan, unopened.


Lot 42

Figure – Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     A small figure of the 11th Doctor – Matt Smith.


Lot 43

DVDs – Star Trek: Trilogy (3 Items)

Starting Price:     $20

Description:     Trilogy of remake Star Trek movies starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. DVDs near new. Consisting of 2 disc Special Edition Star trek (2009), single disc editions of Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), and Star Trek Beyond (2016) (brand new). PAL Region 4. Great condition, only watched a few times.


Lot 44

DVDs – Pokemon Bundle

Starting Price:     $15

Description:     4 assorted Pokémon DVDs. Pokémon Master’s Quest Vol 6.1 ‘Address Unknown’ & Vol 6.2 ‘The Tie That Binds’, Pokémon Advanced Vol 6.11 (2 discs, including 6.10 ‘A Mudkip Mission’ & 6.11 ‘Willing, Ready, and Sableye’) & Pokémon Advanced Battle Vol 8.2 (2 discs, including 8.1 ‘The Evolutionary War’ & 8.2 ‘Gaining Groundon’). Each disc includes 4 episodes of Pokémon anime goodness, totalling 24 episodes. DVDs are PAL Region 4, in good condition. Please note these are not in complete series order.


Lot 45

Plush – Pokemon Bundle (7 Items)

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     Small sized Pokemon plushies including Pikachu x2, Chespin, Mew, Espurr, Zekrom, and Tepig. The Espurr plush is a BOOTLEG, and one Pikachu is a BOOTLEG, but the rest are official.


Lot 46

Plush – Bleach Ichigo Hollow – BOOTLEG

Starting Price:     $1

Description:     Second hand, well loved. Dirty clothes and home done repairs.


Lot 47

Dragon Ball Z Bundle – BOOTLEG

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Set of Dragon Balls, comes in display box, are a little sun damaged from display. 2 Dragon Ball Z figures including Vegeta and Android 18, roughly 10 cm tall each. Like new though of a lower quality.


Lot 48

Madoka Magica Set

Starting Price:     $25

Description:     Box set of the whole anime of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Condition like new, offical DVDs. Region 4, rated M. Homura Soul Gem necklace. Like new, still in packaging, BOOTLEG.


Lot 49

DVDs – Gurren Lagann: Complete Collection

Starting Price:     $20

Description:     Full set of 6 Gurren Lagann DVDs, containing the entire anime series. Condition like new, cases have a few small marks. Region 4, rated PG to M.


Lot 50

Hetalia: America Bundle

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     1 Hetalia Gakuen America keychain and 1 Hetalia America plush. Keychain still in packaging. Plush like new, still has tag.


Lot 51

Homestuck Bundle

Starting Price:     $40

Description:     Contains 2 Homestuck patches, one set of Midnight Crew playing cards, 18 Homestuck sticker sheets, and 1 Pyralspite Scalemate plush. All official merch from the Homestuck Kickstarter Campaign. Like new condition.


Lot 52

Shirts – Assorted Bundle (2 Items – Size M & L)

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     A Homestuck Spade shirt, that was exclusive to the Homestuck Kickstarter Campaign (Size M). Also includes a Hetalia shirt with the characters America, England, and Sealand (Size L).


Lot 53

Cosplay – Hetalia: Sealand (Size 16-20)

Starting Price:     $20

Description:     A full Sealand cosplay, from the comedic and hilarious anime Hetalia! Comes with shirt, shorts, and hat. In pretty good condition! Would fit anywhere from a size 16-20.


Lot 54

Cosplay – Hetalia: North Italy (Size 16-18)

Starting Price:     $30

Description:     A full North Italy cosplay from the popular and comedic anime/manga Hetalia. Comes with pants, belt, shirt, jacket, and tie. All in near perfect condition! Cosplay has only been worn once. Would fit a size 16-18.


Lot 55

Plush – Free!: Haru (Giant Tsum)

Starting Price:     $20

Description:     Haru from Free! Great condition. Great to cuddle!


Lot 56

Cosplay – Love Live: Nozomi Tojo (Size M) – BOOTLEG

Starting Price:     $15

Description:     Nozomi cheer jacket size Medium. Taobao brand.


Lot 57

Naruto Jacket (Size S)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Size small (is a large small). Has been well loved, but still in good condition.


Lot 58

Haikyuu! Bundle

Starting Price:     $18

Description:     Random assortment of keychains, phone straps, and omanjuu.


Lot 59

Plush – Kingdom Hearts: Axel & Sora

Starting Price:     $15

Description:     Axel and Sora plushies. Good condition.


Lot 60

Wooden Katana & Sheath

Starting Price:    $20

Description:     115cm wooden katana, perfect for that ninja outfit or just to stop zombies, comes with sheath for safe transport.


Lot 61

Plush – Hello Kitty Bundle (4 Items)

Starting Price:    $15

Description:     3 plushies. 2 small, 1 medium sized, and  a Hello Kitty face cushion. Good condition and comes from a smoke free home.


Lot 62

Plush – Hello Kitty (Large)

Starting Price:    $15

Description:     20.5″ Hello Kitty plushie. In good condition comes from a smoke free home.


Lot 63

Backpack – Hello Kitty (Small)

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     Small Hello Kitty backpack, small rip on hanging strap and shoulder strap.


Lot 64

Bag – Panda

Starting Price:     $5

Description:    Cute little panda bag and just too cute to pass up. In great condition and comes from a smoke free home.


Lot 65

Tank Top – Redbubble: N64 (Size M)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Nintendo 64 Tank Top (Men’s size M – slim fit), purchased from Redbubble in 2014. Has artist’s nametag attached. Pre-loved in good condition.


Lot 66

Tank Top – Umbreon Allover (Size 14-16)

Starting Price:     $15

Description:     Umbreon Allover Tank Top (Women’s size XXL – AU size 14-16). Purchased from Etsy in 2016. Pre-loved in good condition.


Lot 67

Cosplay – Free!: Nagisa Hazuki (Size S) – BOOTLEG

Starting Price:     $15

Description:     Nagisa Hazuki ending theme jacket and shirt (Size S). The logo on the shirt is a little faded.


Lot 68

Prints – Overwatch: McRee & Tracer

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     A3 prints of the Overwatch characters McRee and Tracer.


Lot 69

Figure – Star Wars: Boba Fett (Pop Vinyl Bobble Head) & Calendar

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Boba Fett Pop Vinyl Bobble Head and Star Wars 2017 Calendar. The pictures in the calendar could be removed and used for posters.


Lot 70

Figure – Harry Potter (Pop Vinyl)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Harry Potter Pop Vinyl


Lot 71

Plush – Pokemon (2 Items)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Milotic and Charmander Pokémon plushies. The Charmander is a BOOTLEG, but the Milotic is official.


Lot 72

DVD – Halo Legends

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     Halo Legends DVD, rated M.


Lot 73

DVD – Only Yesterday

Starting Price:     $2

Description:    DVD of Studio Ghibli movie Only Yesterday. Japanese audio with English subtitles ONLY.


Lot 74

Wall Scroll – Naruto

Starting Price:     $2

Description:     Naruto wall scroll featuring Kakashi. May have creases. Will require string.


Lot 75

Wall Scroll – Naruto Shippuden

Starting Price:     $2

Description:     Naruto Shippuden wall scroll. May have creases. Will require string.


Lot 76

Cosplay – Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Male Uniform – Size L)

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     Male school uniform from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Size L). Worn twice. Includes blazer, pants, and tie.


Lot 77

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Special Rehearsal Edition Script

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     A bit of damage on the edges of the cover, pages are all intact. Good condition.


Lot 78

Manga – Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign – Volume 7

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     Good condition. Mini poster inside. Has only been read once.


Lot 79

Manga – Attack on Titan: Volume 1

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     A bit bent, few creases on the back of the cover, and a bit of damage on the edges of the cover. Overall in good condition.


Lot 80

Plush – Yuri on Ice!: Yurio (Giant Marshmallow Tsum)

Starting Price:     $50

Description:     Giant Marshmallow Tsum of Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri on Ice! No longer in circulation and brand new, has only been removed from packaging.


Lot 81

Plush – Yuri on Ice!: Yuri Katsuki (Giant Marshmallow Tsum)

Starting Price:     $50

Description:     Giant Marshmallow Tsum plush of Yuri Katsuki from Yuri on Ice!  Rare and brand new, has only been removed from packaging.


Lot 82

Body Pillow – Uchiha Sasuke

Starting Price:     $20

Description:     Body Pillow of Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden, has a small mark in one corner, but other than that is in perfect condition.


Lot 83

Comics – Assorted DC

Starting Price:     $30

Description:     Huge collection of hardcover and single issue comics. Titles include Robin, Red Robin, Teen Titans, Superboy, Batman, and Batman and Robin.


Lot 84

DVDs & BluRays – Assorted Anime

Starting Price:     $50

Description:     Descendants of Darkness Boxset, Fruits Basket Boxset, Okami-sama Full Collection, Air TV Boxset, Death Note, and several assorted single volumes.


Lot 85

Wig – Lavender Medium Length Wig (Gothic Lolita Wigs)

Starting Price:     $15

Description:     Lavender medium length wavy wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs. Very thick. Only tried on once and never cut or styled.


Lot 86

Wig – ‘Lemon Drop’ Long Ponytail Clip (Arda Wigs)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Long Ponytail Clip from Arda Wigs in ‘Classic Lemon Drop’ colour. Taken out of original packaging but never worn, cut, or styled.


Lot 87

Wig – ‘Light Blonde’ Short Wig (Arda Wigs)

Starting Price:     $15

Description:     Short Wig from Arda Wigs in ‘Classic Light Blonde’ colour. Worn 3-5 times and was cut for Rin Kagamine (though should be cut shorter to be more accurate), no hairspray was used.


Lot 88

Wig – Haikyuu: Yu Nishinoya (eBay)

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     Wig originally purchased for Yu Nishinoya from Haikyuu. Has been cut and styled, but would need washing out and restyling before wearing again. Worn 4-5 times and very thin.


Lot 89

Nintendo 3DS XL Clear Hard Case

Starting Price:     $5

Description:     Nintendo 3DS XL Clear Hard Case. Has been taken out of packaging, but still has protective plastic sticker on. Never used.


Lot 90

Cosplay – Angel Beats (Female Uniform – Size 8-12)

Starting Price:     $20

Description:     Angel Beats cosplay. It has 2 little tears in the armpit and bottom of the shirt, easily fixed. The skirt is short and it was last worn at AICON 2014. Estimated size would be 8-12. There is also a small stain or two, barely noticeable.


Lot 91

Manga – Assorted (3 Items)

Starting Price:     $10

Description:     Vampire Knight Volumes 1 & 2, brand new, never read, good condition. Inuyasha Volume 15, also never read, good condition.