Auction – Saturday Catalogue

Lot 1:
DVD – Fullmetal Alchemist DVDS vol 1 -13

Starting Price: $20
Description: All dvds work perfectly, all but volume 2 include an Alchemy Text book

Lot 2:
DVD – 2 Dragon Ball Z Movies (Region 4)

Starting Price: $3
Description: The Return Of Cooler and Super Android 13, work great, region 4 English

Lot 3:
DVD – Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 5 boxset (Region 4)

Starting Price: $5
Description: 3 uncut movies: Wrath of the dragon, Bardock father of Goku, and the History of Trunks. Working, region 4 in english, tiny rip on box.

Lot 4:
DVD – Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 4 boxset (Region 4)

Starting Price: $5
Description: Broly Second coming, Bio Broly, and Fusion Reborn. All in working order, region 4, English

Lot 5:
FIGURE – 3 Anime Pop Vinyls (3 items)

Starting Price: $10
Description: Ken Kaneki, Lord Boros, and Naruto. No damage, never taken out of box

Lot 6:
COSPLAY – Starwars cosplay gear

Starting Price: $60
Description: Includes brown polyester robe, darkbrown and pleather obi, padawan braid, darthmaul latex mask, savage oppress latex mask, sith led light up holocron.

Lot 7:
COSPLAY – Cosplay gear

Starting Price: $30
Description: Includes Freddy Kruger costume includes foam mask ,foam hat, plastic clawed glove and red and brown large shirt. Also includes batman dark knight latex gloves.

Lot 8:
ARTWORK – Signed art

Starting Price: $50
Description: Framed Jennifer Chi signed sailor moon super print and martin j abel signed art book

Lot 9:
MANGA – Manga lot (6 items)

Starting Price: $25
Description: Lot of new manga. One Punch Man vol 1 -4, Time Killers, Natsume’s Book of Friends vol 1

Lot 10:
COSPLAY – Steampunk vest + wig lot

Starting Price: $25
Description: New black vest with lots of buckles. New short white wig.

Lot 11:
ACCESSORY – Durarara Shizuo Heiwajima inspired clutch

Starting Price: $30
Description: New from Japan. Shizuo inspired clutch from Durarara

Lot 12:
GAME – Yugioh and Magic card lot

Starting Price: $20
Description: Over 500+ of Magic and Yugioh cards. Good mix of foils, Ultra Rare, common. New, separate boxes.

Lot 13:
MISC – Umbreon Hoodie size 12 – BOOTLEG

Starting Price: $10
Description: Bought from eBay, Umbreon hoodie. Fits sz 12

Lot 14:
MANGA – Fruits Basket Volumes 1-6

Starting Price: $25
Description: Volumes 1-6 of Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket, slightly worn and loved but in good condition.

Lot 15:
MANGA – Death Note Black Edition V and VI, and Death Note

Starting Price: $25
Description: Death Note Black Edition V and VI, includes volumes 9-12 in excellent condition. Unused Death Note faux leather bound, includes instructions and names written by Light Yagami as in the series. May not be official.

Lot 16:
MANGA – D.Gray-Man 3in1

Starting Price: $5
Description: Volumes 1,2 and 3 of the manga D.Gray-Man written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino, in good condition.

Lot 17:
MANGA – Death Note Volumes 9 and 12

Starting Price: $10
Description: Volumes 9 and 12 of Death Note, in good condition, Volume 12 is still in plastic packaging. (I don’t know why I have 9 and 12 and nothing in between I’m so sorry)

Lot 18:
MERCH – Vampire Knight Pillow case (BOOTLEG)

Starting Price: $6
Description: Vampire Knight pillow case. Small. Has Kaname on one side, Zero on the other. In good condition

Lot 19:
MERCH – Code Geass small pillow case (BOOTLEG)

Starting Price: $6
Description: Small Pillow case featuring Lelouch Lamperouge on one side and Suzaku Kururugi on the other in good condition

Lot 20:
DVD – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season One box set

Starting Price: $25
Description: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic box set. Has the box and contains 5 disks of the Season one collection. In good condition

Lot 21:
FIGURE – Small Sword Art Online figure

Starting Price: $5
Description: Sinon blind box figure by Banpresto. Box is damaged but figure is still in packaging and unused

Lot 22:
ACCESSORY – Resident Evil 6 Messenger Bag

Starting Price: $20
Description: This was in the special edition of Resident Evil 6 – No hope left. It has never been used, just left in its bag in storage

Lot 23:
PLUSH – Walking Monokuma Plush

Starting Price: $15
Description: Robotic Monokuma plush from Daganronpa the Animation, press his hand and he waddles around!

Lot 24:
FIGURE – One Piece Gildo Figure

Starting Price: $15
Description: Banprestop/BXF Gildo Tesoro figure, from One Piece Film Gold. Never opened

Lot 25:
PLUSH – Plush bundle

Starting Price: $5
Description: Contains: Sylveon, mini espeon, greninja pokedoll, Sakura Nyanpire and a studio ghibli creature

Lot 26:
FIGURE – Joker-Batman Pop Vinyl

Starting Price: $10
Description: Lootcrate exclusive Pop Vinyl, The Joker Batman-Batman

Lot 27:
FIGURE – Saber Fantasy a Beautiful Maid

Starting Price: $15
Description: GoodSmile Fate/Hollow Ataraxia 1/8 Scale Figure of Saber as a maid. Loose in original box, which is a bit damaged.

Lot 28:
FIGURE – Sword Art Online Asuna Figure

Starting Price: $30
Description: Great condition, no box. Has been displayed

Lot 29:
FIGURE – Banpresto Sailor Mercury Figure

Starting Price: $10
Description: no box, been on display. great condition

Lot 30:
FIGURE – Kingdom Hearts Organization 13 Mickey Pop Vinyl

Starting Price: $25
Description: brand new. Funko 2018 Summer Convention Limited Edition

Lot 31:
MANGA – Manga Bundle

Starting Price: $5
Description: 8 manga: Ancient Magus Bride vol.1, Midori Days vol 1, Fruits Basket by Madman vol 2&8, Black Cat vol 1&2, Fruits Basket 1&2

Lot 32:
DVD – Anime DVD Bundle

Starting Price: $10
Description: 9 Anime Dvds, not all are official: Naruto 1,2,4. Your Name (SUB/BOOTLEG), Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Uncut (sub&dub), Kamisama Kiss(BOOTLEG), Elfen Lied Vector One, Garden Of Words(BOOTLEG), Charlotte (BOOTLEG)

Lot 33:
MISC – Super Mario Cereal + Amiibo

Starting Price: $2
Description: USA exclusive Super Mario Cereal; where the box also works as an amiibo for Super Mario Odyssey! Brief taste description: Similar to Lucky Charms, but with an added berry flavour. Best before date: Feb 1st, 2019

Lot 34:
GAME – Pokemon 20th Anniversary Limited Edition 2ds Console Bundle

Starting Price: $500
Description: BRAND NEW, IN BOX. This lot contains:
1x Pokemon 20th Anniversary Transparent Red Console + Pokemon Red,
1x Pokemon 20th Anniversary Transparent Blue Console + Pokemon Blue,
1x Pokemon 20th Anniversary Transparent Yellow Console + Pokemon Yellow
These limited edition items, have been kept in mint condition as a collectors item and sold out very quickly in stores. These bundles have been seen upwards of $800 on ebay, this your chance to get them for a low low price.

Lot 35:
MISC – Japanese Calligraphy Set

Starting Price: $5
Description: Sealed, unopened pack of Japanese calligraphy paper, bought from DAISO Melbourne. Made in Japan, comes with Brush and Inkstone

Lot 36:
MISC – Pokemon Cover Plates – Nintendo New 3ds

Starting Price: $5
Description: Pokemon Cover plates to suit a Nintendo New 3ds console, not xl model. Never opened.

Lot 37:
BOOK – DC Comics Encyclopedia

Starting Price: $5
Description: A hardcover copy of the DC Comics Encyclopedia by DK, in slip case. Barely used. Called the definitive guide to the characters of the DC universe. Great for any DC fan.

Lot 38:
PLUSH – Domo Batman plushie

Starting Price: $2
Description: Found in a mystery box, this item features a small domo plushie outfitted to resemble Batman. Attachable by clip, perfect for attaching to bags.

Lot 39:
MISC – Harry Potter drink bottle

Starting Price: $5
Description: A metal drink bottle from the Harry Potter franchise. Suited especially to Gryffindors, the bottle is coloured a glittery red finish and features a cartoon-style image of Hermoine with her cat Crookshanks. Never used. 500ml capacity.

Lot 40:
COSPLAY – Sealand Cosplay

Starting Price: $10
Description: This preloved cosplay is for the character of Sealand, from Axis Powers Hetalia. Sized approximately 16-20. Very light use.

Lot 41:
MERCH – Deadpool Mug [Cook Deadpool]

Starting Price: $3
Description: Won at Supanova Sydney, this unused still in box ceramic coffee mug features Deadpool , both maskless and in a chefs outfit. Box is a little battered due to transport but mug has never been used. Perfect for Deadpool fans.

Lot 42:
DVD – Attack on Titan live action DVD

Starting Price: $10
Description: Case has a minor crack on the inside but apart from that in good condition, part 1 & 2, 6 mini cards with characters on them.

Lot 43:
BOOK – Minecraft Redstone Handbook

Starting Price: $3
Description: Great condition, just a few little bumps and bruises but perfect other wise.

Lot 44:
BOOK – Attack on Titan chapter #1

Starting Price: $10
Description: Fairly old, has a few marks on it due to its age but is in good condition.

Lot 45:
MERCH – Attack on Titan bundle

Starting Price: $20
Description: Obsessed with Attack on Titan? Keep an eye on this lot! Includes jacket, Levi wig and cloak! Not enough, Well are you Getting cold during those winter months? Feeling a little lonesome, or perhaps you really just enjoy Attack on Titan? If so, a Levi body pillow would be great for you! All In good condition! Jacket will fit a small to medium! Cloak is free size!

Lot 46:
MERCH – Assorted Naruto Bundle

Starting Price: $20
Description: The following lot includes quite the abundance of Naruto goods! Includes volumes 1,2,3,4 and 6 of the Naruto manga, volume 38 of Naruto shippuden, three books in Japanese exclusively from Japan from the movies, a Neji cosplay, as well as a full Itachi/Akatsuki cosplay with cloak, shoes, headband, ring, necklace and wig. All in good or near mint condition! Cosplays will fit a Small to Medium!

Lot 47:
MERCH – Assorted Homestuck Bundle

Starting Price: $10
Description: After some Homestuck cosplays so you can finally be your favourite troll or human? Well here ya go! Includes Jade Harley default outfit (Shirt and skirt!), Jade Harley Godtier outfit (Skirt, Hood and ears!), Jane Crocker outfit (Glasses, shirt and skirt!), Nepeta Leijon shirt, and the exclusive Homestuck Kickstarter poster! All in good condition, poster never used! Cosplays will fit between an AU 10-12.

Lot 48:
COSPLAY – Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Cosplay

Starting Price: $25
Description: Includes full Kaneki cosplay, yes ALL that pleather! Comes with wig, two different masks, shirts and body suit. In great condition! Cosplay would fit an AU 10 to small 12!

Lot 49:
MERCH – My Little Pony Bundle

Starting Price: $10
Description: Includes season 1 and 3 of My Llittle Pony: Friendship is Magic! As well as a Rainbow dash cosplay which includes shirt, shorts and a very high quality tail and wig! All in great condition! Cosplay would fit a size AU 8 to 12!

Lot 50:
PROP – Power Rangers: Legacy Saba Replica Sword

Starting Price: $50
Description: A replica of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Saba Sword. Brand new in an unopened box this sword comes with lights, sounds, an extending blade and the talking tiger.

Lot 51:
COSPLAY – Naruto Kakashi cosplay

Starting Price: $5
Description: A cosplay of Kakashi from Naruto. Large size. Never worn

Lot 52:
GAME – Homeworld

Starting Price: $2
Description: 2001 re-release of classic PC Game Homeworld (DRM code written on inside). May be of interest to a collector

Lot 53:
MISC – Wii gun attachment

Starting Price: $2
Description: Wii-mote gun attachment. Hardly used. May be of interest to a cosplayer

Lot 54:
MANGA – Dot Hack Legend of the Twilight Bracelet manga set

Starting Price: $10
Description: Complete set. All three volumes of the dot hack //the legend of the twilight bracelet manga. Good condition.

Lot 55:
DVD – Madlax volume 1 and collectors box

Starting Price: $8
Description: Madlax DVD volume 1 and a nice collectors box. Region 4 madman release, English and Japanese language tracks. Good condition.

Lot 56:
MERCH – Bleach pillow and long sleeve top set

Starting Price: $10
Description: Square cushion featuring Ichiho and the gang, measures approx 34x34cm. Warm long sleeve top featuring Byakuya and Senbonzakura with squad symbol on the sleeve. Size XL

Lot 57:
PLUSH – Large Sora Kingdom Hearts plush

Starting Price: $11
Description: Large plush Sora holding a keyblade. Approximately 40cm tall.

Lot 58:
MERCH – Evangelion phone strap set

Starting Price: $13
Description: 3 items. One set of two shiny phone hangers, the reverse side of both has a pad for cleaning your phone screen. One Nerv phone charm, can be hung with the strap or via the headphone jack.

Lot 59:
PLUSH – Naruto plushies (BOOTLEG)

Starting Price: $5
Description: Two character plushies from Naruto. Come with convenient hang tags with suction cups, great for sticking on windows and stuff

Lot 60:
PLUSH – Super Mario plushies – Bat Mario and classic Toad

Starting Price: $15
Description: Two cute Mario character plushies, one of Toad (no tags), and one of a cute bat Mario (no tags).

Lot 61:
MISC – Protective silicone sleeve for Nintendo DS Lite

Starting Price: $2
Description: Keep your DS Lite nice and safe from nasty scratches in this awesomely squishy silicone sleeve! I don’t know, it might be bootleg, I’m not sure. *shrug* Still works perfectly fine.

Lot 62:
DVDS – Assorted anime DVDs

Starting Price: $20
Description: Anime DVDs including the first 12 episodes of Madoka Magica never watched, 1st season of K-ON! watched the first disc once and Sailor moon super s never watched

Lot 63:
DVDS – Vampire Knight box set

Starting Price: $40
Description: Vampire Knight box set of the first 13 episodes never been watched.

Lot 64:
MERCH – Ouran High School Host Club Singlet (BOOTLEG)

Starting Price: $5
Description: Brand new with tags singlet. 3x Large.

Lot 65:
FIGURE – Black Butler Pop Figurine

Starting Price: $5
Description: Box opened once.

Lot 66:
DVD – Vampire Knight DVD set

Starting Price: $15
Description: Episode 1 to 13. First DVD opened, other two still in plastic film. Extremely good condition, basically new.

Lot 67:
MERCH – TriGun Badlands Rumble Tee

Starting Price: $2
Description: Brand new loot crate tee. Size Medium

Lot 68:
MANGA/DVD – Mixed Manga & DVD

Starting Price: $25
Description: Madoka Magica The Movie Part TWO (Never watched, good condition cover), Are you Alice? Vol 1 to 4, Deathnote Black Edition Vol 2, Battle Angel Alita Vol 1, Final Fantasy Type 0, Rhodonite (Short Story). Some manga new and some in good condition.

Lot 69:
GAME – (How to Train your Dragon) Dragons 2 Monopoly (BOOTLEG)

Starting Price: $10
Description: quite obviously a bootleg. Never been played, all pieces still in sealed packs and cards still all attached in sheet.

Lot 70:
MISC – Luis Royo “The Fallen Angel” 1500pc puzzle

Starting Price: $25
Description: box been opened, all pieces counted, but never put together. Box slightly dented and discolouration where price sticker removed.

Lot 71:
COSPLAY – Red glitter heels

Starting Price: $40
Description: SIZE 9, ideal for costume. Bought to wear to an event, but only worn around on carpet for about an hour. Soles (and shoes) in excellent condition.

Lot 72:
COMIC – Marvel graphic novel pack

Starting Price: $50
Description: 5 graphic novels from The Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection, including “The Avengers – Birth of Ultron”, classic collection XII, “X-Men – Twilight of the Mutants” classic vol. XV, “Captain America and the Falcon – Secret Empire” classic vol. XXX, “Uncanny X-Men – Second Genesis” classic vol. XXXIV, and “Marvel Origins – The 60s” classic vol. I.

Lot 73:
GAME – Scene It DVD bundle

Starting Price: $10
Description: Includes: Twilight and the Simpsons, Never played, still sealed

Lot 74:
FIGURE – Avenger Infinity wars Blind box figures

Starting Price: $15
Description: 3 Infinity wars Bobble head blind box figures, Iron man, Thor and Ebony Maw

Lot 75:
FIGURE – More Avengers infinity wars blind box figures

Starting Price: $15
Description: 3 Infinity wars Bobble head blind box figures, Iron man, Thor and Ebony Maw I got these guys a lot!

Lot 76:
MANGA – Baby & Me Manga

Starting Price: $12
Description: Volumes 1-4 of the manga Baby & Me. Since his mother passed away Takuya has to look after his baby brother and take responsibility for the house work while his father works long hours. Takuya has to make a lot of sacrifices and starts to resent his brother. Will he give in to hate or learn to love his brother?

Lot 77:
MANGA – Happy Hustle High Manga

Starting Price: $15
Description: The complete set of Happy Hustle High only 5 volumes long shojo manga. Hanabi Ozora is a tomboy who likes to help her friends. When her all-girl school is suddenly merged with an all-boys she falls for one of the most popular boys at school. Awkward times are ahead.

Lot 78:
MANGA – Tactics Manga

Starting Price: $15
Description: Tactics manga volumes 1-4. Kantarou is a folklore scholar who lives in the Taisho period and ever since he was a child he was able to see and talk to spirits. Now that he is all grown up he moonlights as an exorcist solving the problems of ghosts and demons with the help of Haruka, the legendary demon-eating tengu!

Lot 79:
MICS – Alex Day Discontinued Merch

Starting Price: $15
Description: 5 CDs, all working and the “Half-Hearted” shirt. All have since been discontinued and cannot be purchased elsewhere

Lot 80:
DVD – Pokemon Season 1 & 2 Limited Edition box set

Starting Price: $5
Description: This box set contains the first 101 episodes from the English dubbed Indigo and Orange League story arcs, from “Pokemon – I Choose You!” to the fan favourite “Charizard Chills”. In mint condition, this is the perfect starting point to build your Pokemon collection, or a beautiful centerpiece if you’re a Pokemon veteran. This box set is valued at over $45, but the starting price is just $5.

Lot 81:
MANGA – Bunny Drop (Vol: 1-10) Complete Series

Starting Price: $10
Description: 30-year-old Daikichi returns home for his grandfather’s funeral where he learns about the existence of Rin, his grandfather’s illegitimate six-year-old daughter by an unknown mother. The girl is an embarrassment to all his relatives and is treated like an outcast. Annoyed by their attitude, Daikichi decides to take care of Rin himself, even though he is single and has no experience in raising a child.

Lot 82:
MANGA – Sorcerer Hunters (volumes: 1-12) complete series

Starting Price: $10
Description: The Sorcerer Hunters are a group of warriors who protect humans from the Sorcerers. Carrot, Marron, Tira, Chocola and Gateau are under the command of the holy “Big Mama”, the head of the popular Stella Church, and seek to protect non-magical people from the gifted Sorcerers who have chosen to abuse their powers.

Lot 83:
MANGA – The Story of Saiunkoku (volumes: 1-9) complete series

Starting Price: $10
Description: Shurei, a destitute noble, dreams to pass the imperial examinations and take a post in government, a path forbidden to women. Opportunities arise when she is offered the task of teaching the new Emperor, who has gained a reputation for being uninterested in courtly matters, to be a responsible ruler. If she succeeds she will receive a reward of 500 gold coins and the chance to sit the exams.

Lot 84:
MISC – Tote Bag: Bleach

Starting Price: $8
Description: Big enough to fit a newborn, a pack of small dogs, or one agitated cat. (Please note none of these items have actually been placed in the tote bag.)

Lot 85:
MANGA – Assorted Series – all in Japanese

Starting Price: $10
Description: 1) Death Note (Volumes: 1-12 – Complete Series)

2) Fruits Basket (Volumes: 1-22 – Complete Series)

3) W Juliette II (Volumes: 1-2)

4) Zettai Kareshi / Absolute Boyfriend (Volume: 1)

5) 7 Seeds (Volume: 21)

6) X/1999 (Volumes:1-18 – Complete Published Volumes)

7) X/1999 magazine compilation (Volume: 1)

8) Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden (Volumes:1-2)

9) Inuyasha (Volume ??)

10) Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijou / Kare Kano / His & Her Circumstances (Volume: 8)

Lot 86:
FIGURE – Toradora Taiga Aisaka prize figure

Starting Price: $10
Description: Prize figure. Box has been opened but figure is in good condition

Lot 87:
FIGURE – Sailor Moon pop figure

Starting Price: $5
Description: Sailor Moon and Luna pop figure. Box has not been opened as it was given to the seller as a gift and the seller finds pop figure’s soulless eyes a tad creepy.

Lot 88:
MISC – My Little Pony TCG cards and tin

Starting Price: $5
Description: My Little Pony TCG cards, metal tin featuring Twilight Sparkle and a poster. All yours to take home

Lot 89:
MISC – Star Wars Tsum Tsum

Starting Price: $5
Description: Unopened star wars/Disney tsum tsum blind boxes

Lot 90:
FIGURE – One Piece figures

Starting Price: $20
Description: Assorted One Piece figures. Franky and Luffy in combat poses with plastic “smoke”, Jango moonwalking and Marco the phoenix. Some damage to Jango’s stand and Franky has a lean, but can be fixed.

Lot 91:
FIGURE – Disney Blind box figures

Starting Price: $5
Description: All models out of disney blind boxes from Zing. Original Darkwing Duck, exclusive black, grey and white Darkwing and 2 Kit Cloudkickers from Tale Spin.

Lot 92:
FIGURE – Tiger and Bunny mini blindbox figures

Starting Price: $5
Description: Wild Tiger in his original suit and Fire Emblem seated elegantly on stand.

Lot 93:
FIGURE – Evangelion Halloween figures
Starting Price: $30
Description: New in box. Rei and Asuka dressed as witches, perfectly timed purchase for Halloween.

Lot 94:
DVD – Adventure Time DVD Pack

Starting Price: $10
Description: 8 original DVDs, each containing an average of 15 episodes each! Thats 125 Episodes total not including special features! Adventure Time is sadly coming to an end, so now is the time to Join Finn and Jake and all the friends in the Land of Ooooh! Excellent condition in original packaging. You wont want to miss this lot!

Lot 95:
GAME – Adventure Time Card Wars Collectors Game

Starting Price: $10
Description: Based on the Episode “CardWars” this game for 2 players lets you play just like Jake and Finn. In Original Packaging and in good Condition, will you be the one to “Floop the pig”?

Lot 96:
FIGURE – Overwatch “Tracer” Pop Vinyl

Starting Price: $4
Description: This is definitely one to add to your Pop Vinyl collection. In original packaging and unopened. Box is slightly damaged due to posting and handling. It doesn’t detract from this cutie though! “Cheers luv – the cavalry’s ‘ere”!

Lot 97:
DVD –Amazing World of Gumball Vol 1

Starting Price: $5
Description: If you haven’t seen this, you need to! Join Gumball and Darwin in some hilarious and quirky comedy. The first of the series, get on board with this one. In original packaging and perfect condition. Where cats and fish go to school and its not weird at all!

Lot 98:
MERCH – Overlook Hotel Keyring

Starting Price: $3
Description: In Brand New Condition, original packaging, this Keychain features the room number 237 from the Horror Film Overlook Hotel. Those who know will defiantly want this!