Events, Competitions, & Timetable

Timetable :

The timetables for Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday are live!
More details here.


Events & Competitions :

AMV Competition

A showcase of high-quality AMVs (anime music videos) from all over the world, including past winners in the AICon AMV Competition and other AMV Competitions at conventions and festivals around Australia.

1:30pm to 2:30pm, Secondary Theater, Saturday.

More details here.


AMV Showcase

A showcase of high-quality AMVs (anime music videos) from all over the world, including past winners in the AICon AMV Competition and other AMV Competitions at conventions and festivals around Australia.

12pm to 1pm, Main Theater, Sunday.


Art Competition

It doesn’t matter if you paint, draw, sculpt, work on computer or by hand, everything and anything goes! Just remember to bring your work along and display it in our art room. Entries must be in before 2pm on Saturday. Make sure you stick around for the closing ceremony to see if you’ve won!

Running from 10:00am, Saturday, to 2:00pm, Sunday.

More details here.


Auction – General

Whether you need the space, looking to invest in something else, or have simply found your love moving to another fandom, the General Auction is here for you! Will be held on both Saturday and Sunday.

3pm to 4:30pm, Secondary Theater, Saturday – Catalogue here
1pm to 2pm, Secondary Theater, Sunday – Catalogue here


Auction – Mature (15+)

The Mature Auction is for items of a less PG nature, and all attendees with the desire to witness this event must provide ID to prove they are 15 or over (individuals under this may enter with an accompanying parent or legal guardian). Don’t miss out! It’s been known to see some hilarity, such as the birth of the “IN MY PANTS” suffix to all Yaoi manga titles that come up for bidding and the $700 Wirru Photobook that inspired a passionate kiss.

12:30pm to 1pm, Secondary Theater, Sunday

More details here.


Cosplay Competition

The Cosplay Competition is a one of the most anticipated events at AICon. Come and watch cosplayers show off their homemade costumes, labored over with blood and tears, in front of our judges.

3pm to 5pm, Main Theater, Sunday

More details here.


Cosplay Mystery Date*

This is the event that proves it doesn’t have to be canon to be heart-warming. Come check out some lucky bachelors and bachelorettes query their way to finding their Cosplay heart-throb.

11am to 12pm, Main Theater, Sunday

More details here.


Cosplay Parade

After its overwhelmingly warm reception at AICon 2017, the Cosplay Parade will be continuing! All participants will receive a certificate for participation.

11:30am to 12:30pm, Secondary Theater, Saturday


Fanfiction Competition

All artforms of the written word are accepted into the Fanfiction competition; poetry, haikus, journalism – it is is set in a fandom, it is welcome here!

On the Day Entries until 5pm Saturday.

More details here.


Fight For Your Fandom

GET READY FOR THE FANDOM FIGHT OF THE GENERATION! Watch 3 teams of 2 represent their
fandom in a Japanese Style Game Show where anything can happen!10:00am until 11:am, Secondary Theater, Sunday

Friday Night Event

We are hosting a special Karaoke Event the night before AICon! A single cost of $5 entry, but free for; Pre-registered VIP, Gold, and Weekend Pass holders, and children 10yo or under (when accompanied by a paying adult).

Running from 6:00pm until 9:00pm Friday, 6th of April.

More details here.


FRUiTS Fashion Competition

Fruits! Alternative fashions at its fruitiest! An event that allows those with a creative need for individualized fashion to create and model their own designed outfits for a crowd of enthusiastic attendees.

11am to 12pm, Main Theater, Saturday

More details here.


MADMAN National Cosplay Competition

MADMAN has returned! Winners of this competition will not only gain a prize but can also move on to the MADMAN finals, with flights and accomodation paid for!

2:30pm to 4pm, Main Theater, Saturday

More details at MADMAN.


Saturday Night Quiz (18+)

Get ready AICon for a masterful session of Pop Culture based trivia! The Saturday Night Quiz will feature questions on anime, TV, movies, comics, books, the internet and more! To avoid missing out, register yourself, a group, or a whole team of 8 at the Information Desk. (Please note that this event is not suitable for those under 18 years of age)
Running from 6:30pm, Saturday

Scavenger Hunt

The Hunt is on again! Enter the scavenger hunt, complete everything from general questions, to ‘impossible’ missions, and get in it to win it.
See page 18 of the Program Book to start your adventure!Running from 10am, Saturday, until 4pm, Sunday.

*No actual dates occur as a result from this event.