Q: It’s AICon, but is it just anime?
A: No! AICon might be labelled as an ‘anime festival’, but that doesn’t mean everything that goes on there is anime-related! For example, one of our most popular attractions is our Games Room where there’s the chance to play video games new and old with friends as well as in various games tournaments that run over the weekend. In addition, while anime and manga cosplay are always popular, over the years we’ve also had many attendees cosplay as characters from Western media and video games so don’t feel like you have to restrict yourself.

Q: When and where can I get tickets?
A: Pre-registration for AICon 2017 will open after MAICon, on December 1st. MAICon tickets can be purchased on the day at the door.

Q: What is Cosplay?
A: Cosplay is short for “costume play”. It is a hobby that focuses on making and/or dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game, anime or manga.

Q: Do I have to dress in theme?
A: No, AICon’s/MAICon’s yearly theme is meant to be a fun extra for attendees. In some of our competitions such as Cosplay and Art there are special categories that can only be entered with entries that address the year’s theme. This will always be mentioned in that category’s description, and there are plenty of categories for general entries too!

Q: What is there to do?
A: You can expect heaps of exciting gameshow-style events, Cosplay and Fruits Fashion Competitions, trader’s hall, video and card games, an art room and more! There’s also the chance to meet heaps of new people with similar interests to your own. Our timetable will be up in early 2017 for AICon and closer to the event date for MAICon.

Q: Will food and drink be available?
A: Yes! Both AICon/MAICon and Wrest Point will be selling refreshments during the open hours of the event.
The AICon Committee will be selling Pocky, Ramune, Mochi and other treats.
Wrest Point will be supplying Wedges, Tortes, Cakes, Slices (some GF options), Sandwiches (including a vege option), Muffins, Cans of Soft Drink, Red Bull, Water, Chocolate bars and a Coffee Cart.

Q: I want to be a volunteer at AICon.
A: Great! Applications will open on December 1st 2017 for AICon.

Q: Are alcohol and drugs are allowed at AICon?
A: Anyone visibly intoxicated or under the influence of illicit drugs will be escorted out of the convention by security, so probably not a wise a thing to do.

Q: Am I allowed to take photos or video?
A: Yes, but if you are taking photos or videos of other attendees you should ALWAYS ask their permission first. While many people like to take photos of cosplayers, it is common courtesy to check with them first as not everyone enjoys having their photo taken or wants to be on video. In general it is okay to take photos during all of our events, unless otherwise stated.

Q: Is there a discount to stay at the venue if I’m attending AICon?
A: Yes there is! Wrest Point will be offering discounted accommodation for AICon attendees.

Wrest Point is offering special accommodation rates. Please either phone 1800 139 760 or or email: groups@wrestpoint.com.au and quote AICon, and the no. 874208

Premier Suite $249 a night
Tower Executive $189 a night
Tower Harbour View $189 a night
Water Edge $169 a night
Motor Inn $149 a night

Q: Will there be EFTPOS?
A: AICon will not have EFTPOS facilities available. There are two ATMs located at the internal entrance to the festival that may be used for withdrawals during the day, however it is recommended that you have cash with you prior to arriving at the festival as there is always the risk of the ATMs running out of money and it is also more convenient for you! Some traders will have their own EFTPOS, but not all.

Q: How do I enter events?
A: Hover your cursor over ‘AICon 2017’ in the menu, select ‘Events and Competitions’ and follow the ‘more details here’ link listed under the event(s) you are interested in. The Cosplay Competition, FRUiTs, Auction, AMV, and Fan Fiction Competitions will open on January 1st. The Madman National Cosplay Competition is run by Madman Entertainment, and entry will open in January. For more information please go to https://www.madman.com.au/cosplay

Q: I didn’t receive an email confirmation for the auction.
A: Your confirmation was the message after you submitted the form. Our auction coordinator will contact you if there’s any problems with the form and closer to AICon to let you know where to drop your items and when and where to pick up your money/unsold items.

Q: Are props allowed into AICon?
A: Yes if they are not; Live steel or realistic to a point that they would get you in trouble with Law Enforcement Officers or Security. All replica guns must have an orange tip and nerf guns are not to fire or be loaded with projectiles at AICon. You may be asked to cloak oversized props. Please see our Terms of Entry for more information. If your cosplay is comprised of a military uniform and you will be using public transport to get to AICon, TasPop highly recommends that you wear plain clothes and get changed at the convention.

Q: How do I get to AICon from Hobart CBD?
A: As portal guns are still not functional, Metro bus routes 52, 53, 61, 62, 67 and 68 stop outside Wrest Point. Please go to http://www.metrotas.com.au/tt/index/1 for more details.

Q: Can I exit and re-enter the festival during the day?
A: As long as you are wearing your lanyard (Gold, VIP, Weekend pass holders) or wristband (day pass holders), you can come and go as you please. We do not offer replacement wristbands, so if you intend to exit and re-enter during the day please make sure you don’t remove it.

Q: Am I allowed in theatres while there are no events running?
A: No, as theatres are generally being set up for the next event.

Q: Is this a good event for children?
A: AICon is rated PG, and this year we do have activities for the under 12’s. Some of our other events will be age restricted such as the MA15+ Auction. These events will be sign posted and ID checks will be performed at the entrance of these events. All children under 10 must be supervised at AICon.

Q: What events are kid friendly?
A: We are holding an under 12’s colouring in competition, Pokemon Sun/Moon video game tournament, a dedicated category for children in the FRUiTs Competition, Children’s Cosplay Parade during the Cosplay Competition as well as our special guests’ panels and signing sessions. Our other events that are kid friendly are selected screenings and selected games in the free to play section of the Games Room.

Q: Do I have to pay extra to see the guests?
A: No you don’t. There is a Gold Pass only Q and A session, but all of AICon’s guests will also be doing panels that are open for all attendees.