Alternative Fashion & FRUiTs Competition

Alternative Fashion & FRUiTs Competition

The Alternative Fashion & FRUiTs Competition is a showcase of all cultural and street fashions! You may find reinterpretations of existing characters/animals turned into fashion, traditional outfits such as the Kimono, street fashion from all over the world, even original pieces – we accept it all!

Example styles of Alternative/FRUiTs fashions:

Still not quite sure what you could enter with? Below is a short list of some varying examples.

Traditional Japanese clothing (Kimonos and Yukatas) Fuku (School Uniforms) Rockabilly
Visual Kei, J-rock, & J-pop Japanese punk styles Gijinka
Lolita Gothic Lolita Kogal
Wa Lolita Sweet Lolita Decora
Hime Gyaru Steampunk Cyberpunk
Kodona (Boy Style) Mori Girl And more!

Participants are not limited to these genres but are advised to have a description and title of the outfit or design outside of the above. Be as creative as you like! Entries will be judged under a number of categories mentioned below.

Rules and Regulations:

All competitors must adhere and agree to the following rules, failure to do so can lead to disqualification or, depending on severity, refusal to any future competitions.

  1. Participants must arrive at the hosting theatre 30min before the Fruits competition begins in order to sign-up and meet the judges.
  2. Vulgar and/or explicit behaviour will not be tolerated. Outfits must adhere to the Attendee Code of Conduct. Please remember it is a PG event.
    • The use of wet body paint, fake blood, confetti, excessive amount of glitter or anything that could damage or stain equipment and clothes will not be permitted on stage or into the festival. This is to show respect for other people’s costumes and our venue.
    • Costumes that display: foul language, are overly sexual, fail to cover a sufficient amount of skin or promote adult content may be refused entry. If you are unsure of whether or not your costume complies to these rules please contact the Fruits Coordinator on our FaceBook page to discuss.
  1. When signing up on the day, please read these terms and conditions. You will be asked to sign you have read them and thus are aware of the rules and regulations regarding this competition and will respect such rules for the sake of the judges, audience members, volunteers, and committee involved. This is something you must actually agree with and recognise you will be held accountable should you break these rules and regulations.
  2. At the judges and/or committee’s discreation, categories may be changed, removed, or added at any point in time.



Best Constructed
This is determined by skill of the item(s) construction and application of the item(s) with the outfit as a whole. Majority of items must be made.

Best Compiled
Awarded to the individual who has put together the most aesthetically cohesive outfit of mostly bought items. Majority of items must be bought.

Best in Theme
Constructed or compiled, the best outfit to match the festival’s theme is awarded this title.

Fan Favourite
Awarded by audience response, the contestant that builds the loudest crowd cheer wins this category. Only audience members that have walked on stage can compete for this award; FRUiT’s Contestants will NOT be eligible for Fan Favourite.


Entry Form:

Contestants are asked to sign-up on the day. Forms will be available in the hosting threatre 30min before the timetabled start of the event.


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