Geek Markets – Hobart & Launceston



Are you an independent artist? Crafty with the hands and have product to sell? Or maybe it is just time for a clear-out of all the awesome goodies you’ve stockpiled over the years? Better yet, you need more? The Geek Markets are here for you!

Our aim is to give you an affordable opportunity to sell your wares to an audience interested in what you’ve got, while simultaneously gathering together stall holders of all geeky, crafty, creative wares that are begging for a place on your beloved shelves.

Hosted quarterly in Hobart and Launceston, keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest updates.

Current planned dates are;


Hobart: TBA

Launceston: TBA

Facebook events page:

Rules and Regulations:

  • We do not allow the bringing in of tables. Doing so may; incur an additional fee, ask the table be removed, and/or the trader is asked to leave.
  • Cost of tables may vary between events.
  • Traders and attendees are asked to be mindful of tables and chairs as damaging the floors may incur an additional fee.
  • Failure to pay the sent invoice before the stated date will incur a late fee of 10%. Failure to pay until the day before, will incur an extra $5 flat-rate fee.
  • There are a limited no. of tables, resulting in a first-come, first-serve system of table allocation.
  • Due to a limited no. of tables, we will allow no more than two [2] tables per trader.
  • We do not supply backing boards or clothes racks.
  • We do not allow food or drink stalls.
  • Spaces are limited to 30 tables.


Interested in Trading?

Contact us with; your name, your trading name, a link to you webpage/store (if applicable), what you will be selling, the names of people that will be manning your table, date of event, and the no. of tables you are after at: