MAICon Cosplay, Fruits and Auction Registration Now Open!

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With MAICon now just a month away, registration for the Cosplay and Fruits Competitions is now open, along with the registration for lots in our MAICon Auction! If you’re keen to register for any of these events, please read the information below and then send an email to the address given!
Please note that due to time constraints, Cosplay and Fruits are limited to 30 entries each – so get those entries in ASAP!

Cosplay Competition
The Cosplay Competition is a one of the most anticipated events at MAICon. Come and watch cosplayers show off their homemade costumes, laboured over with blood and tears, in front of our judges.
This year the MAICon Cosplay Competition will have four categories; Best Newcomer, Best Skit, Fan Favourite and Best Overall.
To enter please email including your full name, details about your cosplay, which categories you are entering and any additional media required if you are entering a skit.

FRUiTS Fashion
Fruits! Japanese fashion at its fruitiest! Come and see all the Japanese inspired outfits on parade! An event that allows those with a creative need for individualised fashion to create and model their own designed outfits for a crowd of enthusiastic AICon attendees.
This year the MAICon FRUiTS Fashion Competition will have three categories; Best Compiled, Best Constructed and Fan Favourite.
To enter please email including your full name and which categories you are entering.

The fan favourite Auction returns for MAICon! Have you got piles of manga laying around that you no longer need? What about that plush that just doesn’t fit in with your new decor? For the small cost of 10% of the selling price, you can sell them in the MAICon Auction!
If you have any lots that you would like to register for the MAICon Auction, please email including your name, what is to be included in your lots and a reserve price if you have one.
Please keep in mind that we can only accept so many lots as there is only a limited amount of time allotted for the Auction, so get your lots in quick!