MAICon Maid & Butler Applications NOW OPEN!

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The Maid and Butler Cafe is once again being hosted at MAICon! Like last year we will be asking if any of our attendees in the North or South of the state would be interested in joining the ranks of our Maids and Butlers to help run the cafe.

To apply for a position please fill out the following form.

Application Form:

UPDATE 19/5/14: Applications are NOW CLOSED!

Everyone who has applied for the Butler and Maid Cafe will be emailed in the next few days. If you sent in an application and do not get a reply by this Friday (23rd May) please contact the Cafe Organiser via

Terms and Conditions

Please note than an application does not guarantee a place as a Maid or Butler. Maids and Butlers will be selected based on their experience and appropriateness for the role. In addition, we can confirm that the Maid Cafe will be running at the same time as the Cosplay Competition this year. Please keep this in mind when applying.

Minimum age requirement: 17 years by September 6th, 2014.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to attend up to three training sessions leading up to MAICon (if your application is successful). There will be two held each month, although you only need to attend one of each, starting in June until August. They will be held in both the North and South of the state. There will also be a run-through during the Friday set-up before MAICon (September 5th).

All outfits provided are property of AICon/MAICon and will be required to be returned after the convention. We will try to get you your preferred colour of outfit but it cannot be guaranteed.

For more information and queries, or if your application isn’t responded to within 48 hours, please contact the following email; <>.