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Do you have a burning passion for a particular topic? Do you want to explain things like Star Wars or the Marvel Universe to an interested audience? Or maybe you want to battle it out over which is better, sub or dub?

But maybe you want to show off your well-honed skills. Are you part of a group that specialises in martial arts? Or perhaps you want to show off your practiced medieval fighting skills? Maybe you have a knack for finer things such as tea ceremonies or calligraphy?

Then holding a panel or cultural demonstration may be for you! Fill out our application form linked at the bottom of the page to express your interest today.


Confirmed Panels and Demonstrators:

Doctor Who Panel

Ever wondered about Doctor Who? Wondering where to start? This is the panel for you! Ryan,
having watched 75% of the entire Doctor Who series, is the best place to start. This panel will
involve episode selection for each of the Classic Doctors with justification to why these are the most
anticipated and highly watched episodes. Plus, answers to all your toughest questions.
Check out their YouTube page here!


Launceston Lightsaber Academy (LLA) Demonstration
Since 2011 the LLA has been a group of Star Wars fans from Tasmania, Australia, who meet
up every two weeks and belt the living daylights out of each other with lightsabers. This year
they have decided to bring that energy to MAICon and show you all what they are made of. No
matter if you’re a young Padawan or an ultimate Sith Lord. They can teach you the ways of the force.
Check out their FB page here!


Introduction to Make Up & Wig Styling
Sabers & Scissors have joined us for MAICon! Bring you a demonstration to help you with all your
cosplay needs. The Sabers and Scissors team has an experienced Hairdresser and Wig Styler to
help you ensure you have your wig looking natural and showing you all the different ways to wear a wig
and how to style it. They have joining then local cosplayer Sarah who will be sharing all her knowledge
and tips on how to make your make up last all day and how to get the look you are after.
This is a demonstration not to be missed!
Check out their FB page here!


Intro To Cosplay Photography
Welcoming to MAICon this year the very talented HAM Photography!
HAM Photography is a much loved local photographer and cosplayer. This year she will be sharing
her knowledge that she has learnt throughout the years in both photography and cosplay sharing
the tips to make your cosplay pop in photos plus the different ways as a photographer that you can
capture the true character. Whether you’re just getting into photography or just want to learn how
to tailor your snaps this is the event for you.
Check out their FB page here!


Of Dice and Men
Are you a real villain? ‘Of Dice and Men’ are here to show you the world of D&D and what it takes to
create a good villain! Pesky adventurers killing all your minions, clearing your dungeons and looting
your treasures? Need someone to stand against those self-righteous heroes? Sounds like you need a villain!

“But how do I make a good villain?” I hear you ask, well go no further because Of Dice and Men have got a
diabolical series of steps to create not only a villainous villain but one that’ll have your heroes quaking in their booties!

This will be an easy to follow guide on how to create an effective villain, not just in D&D but any game system.

Check out their FB page here!



What is a Panel?

A panel is a presentation which seeks to inform the audience on a particular topic. They may take the form of presentations, lectures, ‘meet the characters’, or interviews and Q&A’s, among other things. Topics can range from anime and manga, cosplay, video games, popular television programs, web series, or even industry related topics such as production or licensing.

All panels will be provided either a 30 minute or 1 hour time slot. Please plan your panel to run at least 5-10 minutes under your allotted time, to allow time for set-up time between panels.

What is a Demonstration?

A demonstration is a performance of a cultural practice, tradition, or a physical activity in either an open or enclosed setting. Examples of past cultural demonstrations include martial arts, sword fighting, dancing, LEGO creations, and tea ceremonies, among other examples.

Length of demonstrations are to be determined with the demonstrators.

At the bottom of this page is a form that you may fill out in order to apply for a spot on the roster. Please be aware that, while partly a first-come, first-serve basis, we are trying to avoid double-ups of similar panels and demonstrations.

When you submit the form, please allow up to a 72 hours for a confirmation email.

Rules and Regulations:

  • All general rules and terms and conditions regarding TasPop events apply in regards to panels and cultural demonstrations.
  • All material provided on the application form must be accurate (as of submission).
  • The final selection of Panelists and Demonstrators will be eligible for free entry into the event on the day their
    presentation is held (either the Saturday or the Sunday). (Please note that this may not apply in regards to entry for additional persons assisting with panels or cultural demonstrations.)
  • The TasPop Committee reserves the right to refuse or terminate a panel or demonstration at any stage, for any reason.
  • Panels and Demonstrations may be terminated due to a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: containing material that is considered hateful, inflammatory, or damaging; presenting nudity or sexual  content, real or animated; endorsing acts or activities that are illegal or morally questionable.
  • Any mature content must be indicated on the provided form. Failure to do so will result in repercussions and
    potential termination, as outlined above.
  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions after agreement may result in action being taken, up to and including exclusion from future AICon and TasPop events.

Applications are closed. Please direct any questions to the Panels and Demonstrations Coordinator at;



Please be aware times and locations may change in the lead up to the festival. Please regularly check your email in case of these instances (for those applying).