Parental Advice and Ratings

AICon and MAICon are rated as PG event events.
Parental Guidance is recommended for under aged attendees.
Attendees under the age of 10 must be supervised by a paying parent or guardian at all times.

AICon includes many child friendly events, but please do not assume that all events are child friendly.
If in doubt, ask a volunteer or committee member and you will be directed to age appropriate events.

The following events could be deemed to have offensive material:

  • Cosplay Mystery Date
  • Tentacles and Mechs
  • Tournament of Win
  • Thank Kami You’re Here
  • Talking About Your Anime Generation
  • Anime Screenings (Individual ratings are available at the screening room, online and in your program book)

Please be aware there are sometimes MA15+ events at AICon and MAICon. 
There WILL be ID checks prior to entering these events.

  • MA15+ Auction (AICon only)
  • Some Screening Material