Press Applications

AICon Media Information

If you are a member of the media and would like to attend AICon for media coverage purposes, you will be required to apply for a Press Pass prior to the festival.

Application Procedure

Please read the outlined requirements for this year’s application procedure carefully. Accreditation is required to gain access as a member of the media to the festival.
Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by a member of our Marketing Team within one week of your application. Once approved, you will receive further instructions for how to collect your pass on the day. If your application has insufficient details, a response will be delayed and/or denied.
The application deadline is February 10th.
Press passes will not be available on the day to individuals or groups who have not submitted an application beforehand.
Media accreditation will be considered and offered to:
•    Official press and media organisations
•    Print and online media (magazines, online news sites)
•    Notable bloggers, videographers, photographers

Submitting a request for media accreditation does not guarantee access. Factors to consider for qualifications may include (but are not limited to):
1.    Your organisation must be well-established with ongoing published content.
2.    Individual personal blogs and cosplay/business photography portfolios will not be considered – except in special cases.
3.    If requested, you must be able to provide general statistics of your organisation (e.g. readership, website traffic, social-media).
If your organisation has had media accreditation in previous years and there were issues, you may be denied accreditation. These include issues such as, but not limited to: no provided AICon coverage, insufficient or inadequate coverage, or failing to follow AICon media policies.

Please Note
After the festival, we will request a courtesy copy of your coverage for our records.
Failure to comply with our press policies outlined below, as well as general AICon Terms and Conditions, may result in revocation of your accreditation for future events run by TasPop.
Please submit you application to the below form.

Press Terms and Conditions

•    AICon media passes must be worn and visible at all times. AICon media passes allow registered media personnel access to the AICon festival.
•    Any form of AICon coverage involving AICon guests must be approved by the AICon Marketing Team and the Guest before it is published on any medium. If you fail to send your work for approval and decide to publish the content without our consent, we will ask you to temporarily remove the content until further notice.
•    If your media organisation has no involvement with the guests, we ask you to refrain from photographing, filming and approaching the guests.
•    When photographing or recording video footage of individuals and/or costumes, you agree to ask before clicking. You will respect an attendee’s rights if they do not wish to be photographed and/or recorded.
•    If you wish to interview attendees at the event, you must outline your intentions and have their consent beforehand. If possible, please provide release forms for your interviewees to sign.
•    If it is determined that you are using photograph and/or video technology in an inappropriate manner, you will be ejected from the event.
•    Registered media members are reminded to conduct themselves in a professional manner when acting in a press capacity. Professional behaviour includes but not limited to:

  • showing respect to AICon guests, staff and other participants;
  • arriving prepared to conduct interviews, scheduled or otherwise;
  • complying to all photo restrictions as conveyed by AICon staff;
  • obeying the rules and directions given by AICon volunteers, committee, and venue staff;
  • AICon reserves the right to dismiss individuals and/or revoke media passes for any form of inappropriate behaviour;
  • AICon holds no responsibility for any legal action that may take place due to noncompliance of these rules;
  • If you fail to follow the media rules above, along with the AICon Terms and Conditions, you will not be considered and/or accepted as media for future TasPop run festivals or events.


Application Form: